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Works posted on this site are protected by Canadian Copyright Law and should be used only for the purpose of research or private study. Any use for other purposes may require authorization of the copyright owner of the work in question. See more on our Copyright guide.

Use of copyrighted material for courses

In accordance with Concordia University’s Agreement with COPIBEC, if you will be using copyrighted materials in your courses, please be reminded that:

  • Paper coursepacks, and any digital versions thereof (eCoursepacks), must be processed through Concordia Print Services;
  • All other copyrighted digital documents (PDFs, scanned from print, or any other digital format) posted on Moodle or any other digital platform must be processed through the Library’s Course Reserves service; and
  • For all links to copyrighted documents on Moodle or any other digital platform (including, for example, links to content in Library databases), you are encouraged to use the Library’s Course Reserves service in order to ensure stable links, course materials in one place for students and copyright compliance. If links posted directly in Moodle are not also in the Library Course Reserves, instructors are responsible for ensuring copyright compliance.

More information about the use of copyrighted material for courses.

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