When you submit an item to the Online Course Reserves system, it will be assigned a status, and as Reserves staff process the item, the status may change. Here are some common statuses:

Status name What it means
Item Available on Electronic Reserves Your item is available to students. Staff may still be in the process of doing copyright checks on the item, but we'll let you know via email if there are any issues.
Item Activation Pending Your item is not yet available to students, because the new semester has not yet started and/or the start date you assigned to the item has not yet arrived. When the new semester starts and/or the start date arrives (at 5am that morning), your item will automatically get a status of "Item Available on Electronic Reserves" and it will be live to students.
Processed Books: see yellow link This status is given to books or other hard copy items that have been processed and are available in the Library's reserve room. Students will not see these titles in the electronic reserve list; they must click on the yellow link in the course record which looks like this:
Awaiting Supply by Instructor Your request indicated that you would supply the item, but you have not done so yet; we are waiting for you to upload a file or bring a print item to the library.
  • Library Book Requests for Processing
  • In stacks searching
  • In recall processing
These statuses are all connected to processing print/hard copy items from our collection. When your item obtains the status of "Processed Books: see yellow link", it is available on Reserve.
  • Awaiting Purchase
  • Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment
We are looking into purchasing and/or we have ordered this book; you will get an email when it has arrived and is on reserve.
Not Available on Reserve: Copyright IssuesThere is a copyright issue with your request and it is no longer available to students. You should have received an email regarding your request.
Waiting for copyright permissions (Copibec)When a reading exceeds the copyright limits applied by Copibec, it cannot be posted without seeking permissions first. This may take a few days.